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SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH

Im Ohl 14
59714 Arnsberg

SCHROTH saves lives with technology-leading, customized occupant safety and restraint solutions for air, land and space. With production plants in Germany and Florida, SCHROTH is an industry leader in development and manufacturing of a large variety of restraints systems for various aerospace industries, specializing in safety restraints for cabin crew and passengers alike, as well as airbag products, pretensioner restraint systems, and cabin safety applications. We design and manufacture all restraint technologies, from traditional two point seatbelts to multi-point seatbelts to customized VIP restraints using luxury and designer materials, metals and engraving. 

The SCHROTH restraint solutions save our customers money through industry leading lightweight applications that lead to decreased fuel costs and helps us do our part to keep our planet healthy by decreasing the use of fossil fuels.