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Skylox, LLC

1 Kascar Plaza
Greenville, SC 29605
United States

Skylox® manufactures a unique tool that will provide Lockout/Tagout safety to your aircraft service crews during ground maintenance procedures. The circuit breaker safety lock is easy to use and very durable, all at a very low price. Skylox® should be an integral part of your aircraft circuit breaker lockout/tagout procedures on electrical panels, in accordance with OSHA, AFOSH, NAVOSH, and the FAA. Featured at NAVAIR, JSWAG and JFOWG annual safety conferences, Skylox® products are approved for use and as part of the Joint Service General Wiring Maintenance Manual, US Naval Air Systems Command Lockout/Tagout Procedure, and are featured in PS Magazine 743 for Aircraft Safety Procedures. 100% made in USA.

Skylox Lockout Tagout Tool

The Lockout/Tagout Aircraft Maintenance Safety Tool!