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Skyship Services, Inc.

2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Suite 411
Orlando, FL 32835
United States

No other advertising vehicle turns more heads or holds greater intrigue than airships. They are used as a unique alternative for advertising and promotional purposes as airships go beyond common media venues to give your company maximum exposure. In addition to visual exposure, we can provide passenger rides for client’s and their VIPs.

Our company Skyship Services Inc. is a full-service airship company that provides fully certificated airships for lease or purchase. Our product line consists of the Skyship & Sentinel series of airships developed at a cost in excess of $250,000,000, which have proven that they are the most reliable airships in existence today. Some of our staff have over 25 years of worldwide experience in airship operations. We design, build, and operate each airship and each airship campaign to best fit our customer’s desire.