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Solocks.com Training, Inc.

3456 Dunbar St., Box 102
Vancouver, BC V6S 2C2

All Solo Training Systems courses are written in a format that is easy to read and is consistent. Each course is formatted into a series of Chapters, with each chapter consisting of a Learning Module followed by Review Questions.

Students control the speed at which they go. A "Menu" button allows students to go back to any section they have completed.

Students may leave the program at any time and may resume the course at the point they left.

At the end of the course is an Exam. Solo Training Systems Exams are delivered over the Internet with random selection of questions to ensure that each student's test is unique. The results of these Exams are saved as student records for auditing and reporting purposes. Regulatory bodies usually require an exam to prove competency.

Our courses have been designed to assist individuals and companies to meet the training standards required by various government agencies, applicable laws and/or regulations, and professional and industrial associations.

The principals of the company have been providing training for over twenty-five years and are now making their training programs available to clients over the Internet.