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Solvent-Kleene, Inc.

119 Foster St., Bldg. 6
Peabody, MA 1960
United States

Solvent Kleene provides environmentally friendly non-hazardous degreasing and cleaning products and chemical paint powder coating strippers. All products are safe for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys such as aluminum and zinc, plastics, concrete, brick and glass. Solvent Kleene's degreasing products are designed as quick acting cold cleaners that offer high performance at room temperature without heating and provide fast drying. Designed for workplace safety, most Solvent Kleene degreaser cleaners are non-flammable and have no chlorinated components or hazardous air pollutants (HAP). Developed as eco safe, green replacements for conventional hazardous products, Solvent Kleene's degreaser cleaners include both mild solvent based and aqueous based products that can quickly penetrate and emulsify grease, oils and carbon deposits. Our chemical paint and powder coating strippers remove varnish, CARC paints, cross linked polyurethanes, autophoretic / autodeposition chemical coatings and E-coatings / electrocoatings. Solvent Kleene offers aviation grade iimmersion, spray and gel strippers for removing paint from aircraft and aircraft components such as landing gear, landing gear components and wheels. Aircraft strippers meet the stringent requirements of industry standards including Boeing D6-17487M and USAF 83936C. Solvent Kleene also has products for removing inks from anilox rolls used by the printing industry and non-hazardous chemical removers for stripping paint and powder coatings for magnesium and aluminum wheel restoration and removing powder coating and wet paint buildups from the hooks and racks used in powder coating and painting. Additionally, Solvent Kleene is providing environmentally preferred firearms cleaning products. Firearms barrel rifling consists of helical grooves which accumulate carbon deposits. The helical grooves provide a spin which stabilizes the projectiles and improves accuracy, but they also provide anchorage for carbon deposits and burnt-on oils. Fast acting D-Zolve 339 dissolves the carbon and burnt-on oils while minimizing health and safety hazards. It replaces other cleaners which are flammable, contain halogens, CFC’s, ozone depleting components and water-related corrosives.