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3 rue de l’Europe

As early as 1980, SPI engaged in a sub-contracted partnership with Airbus, for the painting of composite components and elements, and a few years later with Dassault for the painting of sub-assemblies and complete aircraft. SPI operates both at the forefront with manufacturers as with the complete Supply Chain of large and small companies. SPI is an industrial painter which operates on all civil French planes, the entire Airbus range, ATR and Falcon.

40 years later, SPI holds a great number of aeronautic qualifications and certifications, and operates in sub-contracting and in-situ services on all types of materials, be they composites and/or metallic. For simple operations or complex treatments, from mass production of prototype, to elementary components or large aero-structure sub-assemblies, our skill is the result of an ongoing imperative on quality.

SPI’s experience is completed in the field of painting and decoration of aircrafts, interior design and aero equipment. Achieved for the benefit of our most demanding clients such as Dassault for its business planes, or VIP helicopters, these missions demonstrate SPI’s capacity to intervene along the entire supply chain. For many years now, SPI has acquired the technology for marking, labelling and decorating, on all types of supports, from small to medium size, using modern technical tools for digital printing, transfer and other techniques. This expertise is the demonstration of SPI’s capacities to offer a complete solution.