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Spokane Industries

P.O. Box 3305
Spokane, WA 99220-3305
United States

Spokane Industries is proud to present the SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser, the world’s choice for aviation fuel draining and depuddling systems.

SealVac users insist there is no better way to drain and depuddle an aircraft fuel cell for in-tank maintenance or aircraft depuddling. 

• SealVac is many times faster that gravity draining.

• SealVac drains without spilling fuel on the ground or into the environment.

• SealVac is much safer by isolating personnel from direct fuel contact.

• SealVac contains fuel securely in its double-walled, stainless steel tank.

• SealVac can be quickly adapted to most airframes that use sump drains.

• The SealVac system is CE certified.

1000s of SealVacs are in use World-Wide – Sealvac is Faster, Cleaner, and Safer.

Taking Forever To Drain Fuel? Get SealVac!

Sealvac® – The Global Fuel Drain Standard