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Stevie's Aviation Catering

7135 Balboa Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91406
United States

Think of our menu as a guideline, a suggestion. We understand that two flights are never the same. Our progressive chefs are very open to preparing your favorites and accommodating individual needs. The boutique aspect of the STEVIE’S brand & quality appeals to those travelers who expect finer things.

Aviation catering was ready for a change. We listened and embraced the opportunity to escape convention; the status quo of standard production aviation catering.

Miles ahead of the industry, our truly transformative movement thrives on grass fed and organic farmer’s market ingredients. Bold and inspiring menu choices include traditional, gluten free, vegan & vegetarian options.

STEVIE’S is recognized for distinct in-flight catering across the luxury landscape of Los Angeles with seasonal modern American cuisine.

Your expectations will be met with transparent pricing, timely delivery, and an amazing dining experience.