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Syntonic Microwave

275 E. Hacienda Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008
United States

We started life in 1990 as Storke Industries, a company producing phase locked oscillators and satellite converters. In 1991 we were selected by National Public Radio to provide custom satellite downconverters for its nation-wide network comprised of 625 member stations. This was the beginning of a decades-long relationship, in which we eventually provided satellite uplinks, downlinks and transmission equipment to NPR and its partners in satellite services.

Our decision to start Syntonic Microwave in 2003 was borne out of this experience and the feedback we received from so many customers, guidance that suggested that what was critically needed from us was our rapid design, prototyping and microwave problem-solving. We envisioned an engineering intensive company, focused primarily in advancing the state-of-the-art and implemented in fully custom, or customizeable, form-fit-function solutions.

Over the years, many of the solutions we’ve been asked to produce have resulted in off-the-shelf products, which we now provide as standard items due to their appeal to the broader marketplace.

Every technology and capability that we’ve mastered, from engineering design, to ISO quality management, to environmental qualification and automated test, is all in service of our mission to bring custom solutions, form-fit-function, irrespective of difficulty or environment, to the organizations who need it.