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HANOVER,, MD 21076
United States

Since 1991, Tecore has been committed to providing innovative, reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure solutions. We have become a trusted provider to the commercial, government, and military markets and have established a proven track record of performance and evolution driven by our innovative software defined approach.

Tecore’s technology foundation is the iCore®, a software-defined all-IP core network that incorporates the key components of scalability and industry compliance in an x86 design. The effectiveness of the architecture and design has allowed the product to evolve across multiple generations of wireless from 2G to 5G. In addition Tecore also offers a CoreCell product line of Software Defined Radio (SDR) base stations.  Following the standard architectural split of Base Band Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Head (RRH) infrastructure, the CoreCell product line leverages X86 based SDR processing and IP connectivity to a comprehensive set of Radio Heads across all standard commercial bands in scalable power and configuration.

As wireless moves to its 5th generation, Tecore Networks continues to provide solutions that evolve, while continuing the support of legacy generations using the iCore®.