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Customer satisfaction is our core value and our goal. It is based on several axes:

Understanding the need , our sales teams at headquarters and in the field are mobilized in the initial phase of each project in order to understand your activity, precisely identify your needs, clarify your expectations and formalize the objectives. As part of specific studies, the relay is sent to our R&D department. who has long experience in the design and development of temperature sensors or mineral insulated heating cables. Similarly, we have a set of test means and a COFRAC accredited calibration laboratory n ° 2-1221 range available on www.cofrac.fr which allows us to validate our solutions to respect the defined technical and environmental constraints by your specifications.

Quality commitment  : Thermo Est is committed to satisfying your requirements as best as possible, while respecting the environment and providing staff with optimal working conditions. The stages of production are regularly checked, which promotes continuous quality dynamics across all of our activities. Thermo Est is ISO 9001 certified for its design and production activities and works under the EN 9100 standard. 

Cost commitment  : Our competitiveness requires continuous improvement. We take care to offer you the most competitive solutions but which remain adapted to your application.

Deadline commitments  : Thermo Est is committed to a Lean approach in order to increase the involvement and motivation of staff and their flexibility. The sales administration department monitors and respects deadlines and makes the service rate more reliable.