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23440 Airpark Blvd
Laurium, MI 49913
United States

We believe in creating the best software possible to empower our customers to design the best products possible.

Just as our customers continue to innovate and iterate, so do we. Our customers are determined engineers who are smart, passionate, and continually seeking to create designs that meet their full potential.

We know that thermal management is one of the most important and least understood aspects of great design, and we see that as an opportunity. We are inspired to simplify thermal analysis for our customers through software, education, and support.

ThermoAnalytics was founded in 1996 by Keith Johnson and Al Curran. It began as an engineering services company, developing thermal software for Ford Motor Company and the US Army. In these early days, the company was profitable predominately through government contracts, but slowly, we began developing a commercial customer base.

By 2002, OEMs across the globe were using our software to predict, analyze, and design their vehicles. We then established our sales and marketing teams and grew our engineering and development departments to meet the needs of our growing customer base. It was at this point we shifted our focus from services to our software.

Since then ThermoAnalytics has continued to grow and create thermal simulation software that meets the demands of inventive design and production timelines. We are an employee-owned company that is passionate about giving engineers the high-end tools and resources they need to create an unrivaled future. Our goal is to remain independent, innovative, and connected to our customers.