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Transpart S.r.L

20149 Milan MI

Transpart Group was established in Italy in 1969 and immediately distinguished itself for its strong predisposition towards international collaborations. Today we have established ourselves in six cities in Europe and the USA. Our solid financial structure, which was build over decades of experience, is the consequence of a deep knowledge of the markets where our materials come from.

We are an important player in the international panorama of Procurement Agencies. Our business is built primarily on providing parts, materials and equipment destined to a number of diverse areas such as military, space industry, aviation sector, transportation and manufacturing industry.

We have always offered innovative solutions to ensure the finest quality and reliable consistent delivery. We plan for long-term partnerships and custom build business plans to meet your specific needs.

We offer personalised storage of components, logistic management and optimised delivery schedules, while ensuring maximum cost containment: in short terms, we provide maximum overall efficiency and minimise problems for you.

This is why Transpart is synonymous of reliability all over the world.

We are a distributor of fasteners and components for major aerospace manufacturers. Whether in a military or civilian context, all our materials meets both European and American specifications. We ensure complete traceability of every lot of material provided by issuing all documentation that leads straight back to the original certificate released by the manufacturer.