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200 avenue de Floure

UCM was founded in 1984 by Francis Vincenty on the Ardoise site in the Gard region of south-eastern France.

By 1991 operations had expanded and more space was needed, so UCM moved into a 1,700 m² building on the current site.

The company has gone from strength to strength, reporting steadily increasing sales and showing good profits. The economic crisis in 2009 presented profound challenges, but UCM weathered the storm and got back on an upwards curve. Pursuing a strategy of targetting new markets, it took on technical staff and gave them further training to equip them for the future. The company also expanded its plant with the addition of powerful specialised machinery.

Our technical expertise is sought after by the biggest players in the industry :
with whom we work directly or through the intermediary of primary or sub-contracted suppliers. We offer comprehensive provision or supply to integrate with existing operations.‎