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Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems

418 Bridport Rd.
United Kingdom

For surface ship applications Ultra has developed a comprehensive, fully-integrated sonar system, comprising both on-board sonars such as hull-mounted and towed arrays. This modular system fuses data from own-ship and off-board sensors to build a complete underwater tactical picture delivering a bi-static sonar capability.

Ultra’s hull-mounted sonar with variants for bow, keel and shallow-water craft is a combined active/passive array, with dual-frequency transmit flexibility, which along-side other features optimise the probability of submarine and torpedo detection.

Ultra offers a scalable series of forward- and side-looking sonar array solutions for submarines. These support tasks such as navigation, mapping, harbour surveillance and mine detection. Ultra’s new generation of variable-depth sonar includes a single in-line active-transmit and passive-receive array.