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VORAGO Technologies

1501 S. Mopac Expressway, Suite 350
Austin, TX 78746
United States

VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company founded in 2004 and based in Austin, TX. VORAGO is a provider of radiation-hardened and extreme temperature-hardened IC components for the Hi-rel marketplace. VORAGO designs and develops high density SRAMs and MCUs using its patented HARDSIL® technology to simultaneously provide superior radiation and temperature endurance performance. VORAGO also provides custom ASIC design services.

VORAGO's patented, innovative technology, HARDSIL®, has been proven in multiple CMOS process generations at multiple fabs to harden integrated circuits without redesign and is scalable to any generation node. Once modified by HARDSIL®, the commercial process flow can be used to manufacture significantly more robust CMOS circuits for highly reliable operation in extreme environments. This capability dramatically enhances the hardness and reliability of high density ICs and provides a disruptive alternative to current hi-rel approaches utilizing up-screened COTS, redundant systems, or exotic packaging.

Incorporating their patented HARDSIL® technology into their own designs and several Texas Instruments products spanning multiple process generations, VORAGO has successfully demonstrated superior hardening in a number of devices including high density SRAMs and DSPs. Because the technology is applied at the CMOS process-level, no performance, power or circuit size trade-offs are required. As a result, hardened IC components for extreme environments are now within reach for system designers; a solution with the highest performance in reduced form factors while using much less power.