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Whyco Finishing Technologies, LLC

670 Waterbury Rd.
Thomaston, CT 6787
United States

Whyco Finishing Technologies, LLC started in the electroplating business in 1946 as Whyco Chromium Co., initially concentrating on decorative chromium plating. In the 65 plus years since it’s opening, Whyco has undergone numerous expansions and has diversified into an international company with locations in the United States and China. Whyco is recognized worldwide as a specialized finishing company that provides engineered surface treatment solutions and hardened processes for the completion of manufactured goods. Working in facilities unequaled in the industry, Whyco is known for its ability to solve finishing problems through research and development. Whyco is not dependent upon outside commercial sources for its engineering design and chemistries; therefore is not limited in scope or approach to developing finishing solutions and solving finishing problems. Whyco serves as an industry resource for meeting surface treatment challenges with a rich history of advancing surface finishing technologies to new levels of performance.  Recently Whyco addressed several tribological challenges adding its Triboslide and Cerafuse coatings to the company’s offerings.  Whyco is renowned for innovative solutions designed to address very specific industry, regulatory, and end product performance issues.  The management team at Whyco has a strong technical background with the knowledge and understanding required to develop original solutions for our customer’s most challenging problems.  As a result, Whyco has formed long term collaborative relationships with many of its customers.  To meet the increasing demands of the global marketplace for advanced solutions, Whyco’s collaborative network extends to the Harmony Advanced Surface Technology group. As a founding member Whyco has access to research conducted by the partnership, and an international network of surface finishing experts that span the range of issues from corrosion to decorative style.