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201 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90301
United States

Since 1939, Zephyr has become the leading designer and manufacturer of assembly tools and tooling systems for the Aerospace and Industrial tool industries.

Today, Zephyr offers the industry a wide selection of specialized tools and screwdriver bits for assembly and maintenance. Our tools offer innovative design features that add quality to a product's fit and finish, and increase productivity.

Zephyr has consistently met and exceeded the exacting specifications of the aerospace industry, general assembly industry, and U.S. Government with standard and specialized assembly tools.

Zephyr began its operations at its present site in Inglewood, California. Zephyr is known for its outstanding quality, and in many circles, considered to offer the best available tools on the market. Today's Zephyr tools are ideally suited to assembly line operations where high standards of quality and demanding performance are required. Whether you are working with aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or the latest graphite and composite materials for hole preparation or fastener installation, Zephyr has a tool for the job.