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Vendor FAQ

The Aviation Week Marketplace is a marketplace brought to you by the Aviation Week Network. Airline and MRO buyers can find thousands of aviation and aerospace products, services and suppliers and connect directly with sellers.

It takes only a couple minutes to create an Aviation Week Marketplace account. Creating an account will save your information for future requests for information about products and companies, allow you to save products to research later and sign up for newsletters. Join now. To publish information about more of your products and services on the Aviation Week Marketplace, contact us. Choose Sales Enquiries as the subject on the contact form.

First, check your email. When buyers request information about your products, services or company, the Aviation Week Marketplace will send them directly to the email address on file for your company. To make sure the Aviation Week Marketplace has the right email address, contact us. Send us the URL to your company’s page on the Aviation Week Marketplace along with the best email address and name for the person who should receive requests for information. We will add the address to the Aviation Week Marketplace database so that person can receive requests directly in the future.

Even if you do not exhibit at MRO Americas or other events, you may enhance and promote your products through the Aviation Week Marketplace. Contact us to find out how you can also be involved. Choose Sales Enquiries as your subject on the contact form.

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