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ATG 2021 Aero Skills Tournament
ATG, Aircraft Technologies Group, Inc.

2021 Aero Skills Tournament

Sign up now for your chance to win part of the $70,000 in cash and prizes offered in the 2021 Aero Skills Tournament! The "Top Gun" Competition will be held at various sites in the U.S. and Canada this fall. The Nationals will be held in March 2022.

The Aero Skills Tournament, developed by ATG, is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and plant the seed in potential technicians in their early years. The ASTs create excitement, attract students to the aircraft college / trade schools, and renew interest in aero trades as a rewarding career. The industry is growing rapidly – the future is bright, however there is an issue of serious concern – the Skills Gap Crisis. Younger individuals are not being attracted to the trades in sufficient numbers to replace those techs retiring from the industry. Through open invitations to everyone, including grade schools and other potential students, to attend and observe the contests, these tournaments will stimulate that much-needed interest and lead to increased student enrollment. Our long-term strategy is to create a synergy and network across the world-wide industry through the AST program, creating other opportunities, efficiencies, and reliabilities for everyone!

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