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Practical Aeronautics Introduction to Aircraft Systems
Practical Aeronautics

2021 Short Course: Introduction to Aircraft Systems

Practical Aeronautics provide unrivaled big-picture, systems-level continuing education short courses in aeronautics, aircraft systems/operations and gas turbine engines to improve foundational understanding, increase confidence, boost motivation, and enhance communication.

The aircraft is a collection of systems, a “collection” that must be successfully integrated for the aircraft to accomplish its mission. This 4 day virtual short course introduces the major systems—their purpose, how they operate (with theory), integration considerations, challenges, certification, and industry trends (including both military and civil designs). A group case study helps put the classroom learning in perspective.

This course is designed for anyone who can benefit from an understanding of the various systems on an aircraft — their function, how they operate, and how they are integrated with the aircraft as a whole. Interestingly, a study of aircraft systems is not traditionally incorporated into an undergraduate, or graduate-level, aeronautics curriculum.

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