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Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking

€380 million for 8 new daring Clean Aviation projects

On 7 September, the Governing Board of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking approved €380 million*, including €152 million in EU funding, for an additional 8 daring projects accelerating aviation’s trajectory towards climate neutrality in support of the European Green Deal.

These daring projects in the field of new aircraft concepts and innovative propulsion architectures will complement those funded under Clean Aviation’s First Call for Proposals in preparing all the necessary elements for ground and flight test activities starting in 2026. They will also help reduce net emissions of greenhouse gases for commercial air travel by no less than 30% compared to the best aircraft models available today.

Rosalinde van der Vlies, Chair of the Governing Board, Director of Clean Planet, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, said: “Research and innovation play an essential role in powering the necessary transitions towards a greener Europe. The technological advancements made under the Clean Aviation programme, co-funded by the EU through Horizon Europe, will help bring the goal of reaching climate-neutral aviation by 2050 closer.”

Sabine Klauke, Co-chair of the Governing Board, Chief Technical Officer, Airbus, stated: “Pulling together the best talent and capabilities from the private and public sectors is key in the interest of bolstering European innovation. Collectively, we are driving the world towards cleaner skies and a more sustainable future.”

The 8 projects cover topics elaborated from the Clean Aviation Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) built around 3 thrusts:

  • €86 million EU funding dedicated to hydrogen-powered aircraft;
  • €33 million EU funding for hybrid-electric regional aircraft;
  • €33 million EU funding for short and medium range aircraft.

Axel Krein, Executive Director of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, said: "These cutting-edge projects will help to pave the way towards an entry-into-service of new, highly efficient aircraft by 2035, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and breakthrough technical advances go hand in hand for a better future.”

A further €0.75 million is dedicated to impact monitoring of EU aviation research and innovation.

The projects’ official launch is still subject to legal redress and to successful completion of grant preparation targeted for completion by the end of 2023.

*€380 million equates to the total value of the public and private contributions in the Clean Aviation projects including relevant complementary R&I projects and activities identified as in-kind contributions

About the Call for Proposals

The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking’s Second Call for Proposals launched in February 2023 and closed in May. The Call was open to competition in accordance with the general provisions of the European Union’s research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, of which it is a part.


More information: https://www.clean-aviation.eu/media/news/eu380-million-for-8-new-daring-clean-aviation-projects-to-pave-the-way-for-highly-efficient-aircraft