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Pratt & Whitney Accelerating Technology Initiatives
Pratt & Whitney Asia Pacific

Accelerating Technology Initiatives

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Pratt & Whitney has had a presence in the Asia-Pacific region for nearly 40 years, powering customers in-region even longer. The region is the fastest growing in the aviation industry with a forecasted demand of almost 8,000 new aircraft required over the next decade. When it comes to capacity, capability, sustainability and technology, Pratt & Whitney is investing now, and keeping an eye to the future, to ensure it delivers for its customers.

Pratt & Whitney is collaborating with Singapore to establish a technology accelerator program that will increase the speed and scalability of technology insertion across its Aftermarket sites in Asia Pacific, and ultimately across its global Aftermarket organization.

To date, Pratt & Whitney has seen enhanced operational effectiveness from technology insertion initiatives within the region:

Component Aerospace Singapore successfully deployed the first-in-MRO application of 3D printing for aero-engine component details, while pioneering robotics in the MRO sector, including the development of an automated system to replace manual fixtures for tube repair.

Engineers at Eagle Services Asia have developed a robot that is assisting technicians on shop floors to help them free time to focus on more substantive work.

Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions implemented an industrial simulation pilot. The industrial simulation software package creates a Digital Twin of a factory, showing movement of product, people, process steps and inventory, and allowing for analysis of cycle times, turnaround times, cost, quality signature, and overall equipment effectiveness with the press of a button. The pilot resulted in optimized floor space and increased productivity.

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