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USA Borescopes SRV-J-4-150
USA Borescopes

An Affordable HD Borescope for Aviation

USA Borescopes, one of the world's leading providers of visual inspection equipment, has officially unveiled the SRV-J-4-1500 HD inspection and welcomes experts from the aviation industry to see the difference!

A Truly Portable HD Borescope with 360° Joystick Capabilities

Designed and developed specifically with the aviation industry in mind, the experts at USA Borescopes have successfully produced the smallest HD borescope for inspecting turbine blades, airframes, bores, and castings without removing or disassembling the finished component. Truly a time saving tool!

View Product Demonstration:

Key Features:

  • Joystick Articulation
  • 5″ HD Touch Screen
  • Photo / Video Recording via Micro SD Card (1280x720px)
  • Video out via HDMI output
  • Digital Zoom
  • Graffiti/Draw to mark objects
  • 8 Character text annotation
  • EV Adjustment (advanced brightness and glare controls)

As well as its small diameter and portability, the SRV-J-4-150 provides 360° all-way rotating articulation and delivers crisp HD imaging so that users can inspect the full inspection area in a time-efficient manner. Compared to competitor products this system is also a budget-friendly solution boasting a host of desirable features and functions.

The portable aviation borescope is just 4mm in diameter and is available with a 1.5m or 3m cable. The unit features a 5″ HD touch screen, joystick articulation, digital zoom, photo or video recording in 1280x720 via a Micro SD card, EV adjustment, 8-character text annotation, and WiFi App compatibility. It also comes with a charging cable, Micro SD card (and reader), HDMI cable, and Heavy-Duty case as standard. (Other Available Diameters: 2mm, 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 6.2mm with working channel for foreign object retrieval)

Whether you are using the portable borescope’s high-definition image to complete a routine inspection or inspecting for preventative maintenance, USA Borescopes’ SRV-J-4-1500 is the ultimate solution for daily inspections for aviation maintenance and repair projects.

The SRV-J-4-1500 has already proven itself to provide benefits to inspection professionals across the USA, allowing for a more detailed look that lets you be sure the first time!  Order now to experience the clarity!

View this product at usaborescopes.com