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Mankiewicz ALEXIT FST BioProtect
Mankiewicz Coatings


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ALEXIT FST BioProtect is a topcoat based on silver technology that reliably kills bacteria on surfaces painted with it after a single application. The product’s effect is based on silver technology: silver ions like the ones found in ALEXIT FST BioProtect are highly reactive and disrupt vital processes in the bacterial cells, ultimately killing them. However, the silver ions have no negative effect on human cells.

While silver may not be as effective against viruses, killing bacteria is equally important. Some viruses can be more dangerous when health is already poor or there is an already-present bacterial infection. BioProtect helps reduce the bacterial load, while the silver it contains does not wear off and remains active for many years. The topcoat thus protects the painted surfaces for a long time without having to be renewed. In lavatories, the product has been used for several years and has already successfully proven its effectiveness there.

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