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Biobor JF Aviation Fuel Biocide
Biobor Fuel Additives

Biobor JF Aviation Fuel Biocide

Biobor® JF is the original, most recognized and accredited aviation fuel biocide in the world. Originally created in 1965 to combat and eliminate Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (Hum Bugs) in all jet fuel and avgas-powered aircraft, Biobor® JF has become the additive of choice for jets, turboprops, and reciprocating engines. Aircraft manufacturers worldwide recommend this outstanding additive in their operating and maintenance manuals. Biobor® JF is used by airlines, general aviation operators, and militaries around the world and is accepted for use by the FAA and IATA. Biobor® JF is effective in both the fuel and water phase of all fuels, is non-corrosive, and is safe for both operating personnel and the environment.

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