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Teledyne ACES
Teledyne Controls

Cabin Air Quality Monitoring-Redefining Comfort On Every Flight

Having a great flying experience is not just about extra leg room and luxury furniture. Comfort also comes with feeling safe. At Teledyne, we are redefining onboard comfort by making air quality a central focus for the passengers. Teledyne ACES® is the first certified onboard cabin environment monitoring system that checks and provides in real-time the air quality onboard the aircraft.

And now, Teledyne ACES® is an award winner, taking home the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the category of Health & Safety at the 2023 ceremony. The judging panel praised ACES’ ability to lower maintenance costs and downtime by allowing operators to confirm on-board repairs without the need for additional sensor systems required.

ACES® also provides peace of mind for passengers on business jets with the myACES app, which allows users to monitor cabin air quality in real time. This information is displayed in an intuitive manner and is refreshed every 30 seconds. The app info can also be displayed on monitor panels mounted in the cabin.

Recorded ACES® data is automatically transmitted to the ACES Cloud Service portal, allowing operators to use advanced analytics to identify potential issues and address them ahead of time.

Business jet operators can gain a serious competitive advantage, increase customer appeal, and earn customer loyalty by investing in the ACES® system. Contact Teledyne today to learn how easy the installation process can be!

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