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Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® NF 14 CARGO TEX
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Cargo Bay Protection with Armatex® NF 14 Cargo Tex Coated Fabric

Cargo bay liner fabric is an essential part of an aircraft, whether it be a passenger plane or a cargo plane for a commercial carrier or military/defense. The primary role of cargo bay liner fabric is to contain fumes, smoke and flames in the cargo bay should a fire erupt, and secondarily to protect cargo should it come loose during flight.

ARMATEX® NF 14 CARGO TEX is engineered for use as aircraft flexible cargo bay liners and smoke curtains, or in any application where a light weight, flexible and fire-retardant fabric is needed.

The fiberglass base fabric used is the strongest available for its weight, and with an innovative polymer coating this coated fabric has incredible dimensional stability and exceptional flame-retardant characteristics.

ARMATEX® NF 14 CARGO TEX meets or exceeds the requirements of BMS8-343 and BMS*-343G, Type I & Ill, and passes the FAA specification for Radiant Panel Flammability Testing. The standard colors are white or gray, but it can be dyed to any FED-STD-595 or custom color and will also accept ink for stencil or silk screen requirements.

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