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SCHROTH AirLite® 2-point lap beltSCHROTH AirPRO® 2-point lap belt airbagSCHROTH Commercial Model 5-02SCHROTH Model 18SCHROTH Model 1-07SCHROTH Model 30
SCHROTH Safety Products LLC

Cockpit to Cabin Safety Through Technology

From pilot seat restraints in the cockpit to economy class lap belts in the cabin, SCHROTH Safety Products is the preferred global supplier of cabin crew and passenger safety systems for many major airlines. At SCHROTH, we recognize world class safety products require world class service, providing best in class customer service with experienced in-house engineering capabilities to develop safety solutions that meet any airlines’ needs.

Our AirLite® 2-point lap belt, offered with optional We-Fresh anti-microbial protection, is the fastest growing economy class lap belt on the market. It is now complemented by our AirPRO® 2-point lap belt airbag, short listed for the 2024 Crystal Cabin Award and 2024 Red Cabin Trinity Award, offering a lightweight, customizable lap belt airbag for many cabin seat configurations. Combined with our 3-Point restraint products, structure mounted airbag solutions, cabin crew restraints and pilot restraints, SCHROTH can help you safely secure your most valuable cargo: your crew and passengers.

We're ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, FAA/EASA Part 21G and EASA Part 145 certified. SCHROTH offers OE manufacturing, refurbishment and repair services across both its Florida and Germany facilities, conveniently located to supply the global aviation market with industry leading lead times. Our suite of aerospace safety products offers solutions for commercial aviation, business aviation, general aviation, rotorcraft, and manned spacecraft

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