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MTI Instruments PBS-4100+
Vitrek-MTI Instruments

Commercial Jet Engine Vibration Analysis & Balancing

The 4th generation of the PBS-4100+ sets the standard in turbine engine vibration analysis and balancing. Using the latest technology, the PBS-4100+ continues to build on the field proven 35-year legacy of the industry’s leading vibration analysis and balancing tool.

Perfect for mobile operations, the PBS-4100+ is very portable, with fast diagnostics, ruggedly built and features battery power that can provide up to 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge.


  • 3rd tachometer input added to support three-spool engines and geared-reduction fans.
  • Frequency range 25 kHz, to support turboshaft and APU testing.
  • Spectral Analysis to pinpoint the exact sources of vibrations and solve tough diagnostics problems.
  • Balance 2 planes simultaneously


  • Up to 4 hrs of battery operation.
  • Streamlined vibration survey and balancing processes.
  • Engine parameter backup and restores for all your engines.
  • Cable Check function quickly confirms that cables and Data Acquisition Unit are functioning properly.
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