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Mid-State Aerospace Couplings, Valves, Hydraulic Fuses and Flow Regulators
Mid-State Aerospace, Inc.

Couplings, Valves, Hydraulic Fuses and Flow Regulators

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Mid-State Aerospace offers a complete line of couplings, valves, and hydraulic fuses and flow regulators for aerospace applications.

Our couplings inventory includes Indi-Lok, Slide-Lok, and Thread-Lok couplings, plus Motor Racing QDs, Single Shut-off, and Non-Latching ones. With such a wide variety, we are sure to have the coupling you need.

Proven lifesavers, Stratoflex breakaway valves separate under crash loads on fluid lines exceeding a predetermined value. Upon separation, the valves automatically seal the fluids in the lines to effectively prevent spills. Breakaway valves are typically used on fuel lines, main fuel tanks, aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks, air-to-air refueling systems, and fall away external tanks. Tank vent lines often use the single valve versions.

Hydraulics engineers at commercial aircraft OEM’s such as Boeing and Airbus have depended on Waterman hydraulic fuses and flow regulators for many years. Flow regulators limit the rate of flow in hydraulic lines to predetermined ranges, regardless of variations in system pressure or workload. Waterman flow regulators are used to insure proper landing gear operation in most Boeing commercial jets flying today. Hydraulic fuses work much like their electrical counterparts. Hydraulic fuses protect systems from damage due to loss of reservoir fluid or ruptured tubes, hoses, or other components.

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