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Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SF 37 Jetstar Coated Fabric
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Creating safe spaces for passenger boarding

Providing an aesthetically pleasing experience on the jet bridge in addition to safety is a feature of Mid-Mountain's ARMATEX® SF 37 Jetstar Coated Fabric.

Manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA and ASTM specifications, ARMATEX® SF 37 Jetstar is specifically designed for use in flexible closure assemblies of aircraft loading walkways. The high flexural properties as well as resistance to abrasion, fire, and weathering ensure passengers will be protected when boarding a plane. 

The proprietary coating lends itself to a pleasing aesthetic, and is resistant to dirt and puncturing, which can give jet bridge fabric a worn and unpleasant appearance. Enhanced customer expereinces are at the forefront of passenger objectives for airlines, and can begin while a passenger is in the que to board a plane. 

For more information on aircraft passenger boarding bridges, visit mid-mountain.com or contact us for more information!

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