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Mainblades Drone-as-a-Tool Solution

The Drone-as-a-Tool Solution

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Maintenance technicians conduct regular, and sometimes unplanned, visual inspections on aircraft. This is a time- and cost-consuming, yet fundamental, aspect of maintenance operations.

What if this process could be made more efficient? It can! Namely with the help of drones. 

Our solution is provided as Drone-as-a-Tool (DaaT). We equipped an industrial-grade drone with LIDAR technology and machine learning algorithms to provide users with an out-of-the-box solution for automated aircraft inspections. To make it as easy as possible, users receive a large box that includes all hardware and software items that are needed for a complete inspection of any aircraft. To make sure that equipment is always up-to-date and ready-to-fly, we deliver hard- and software including the maintenance, spare parts, and software upgrades. The drone autonomously scans and collects high resolution images of the aircraft structure. The images are then sent and processed in our image analysis software.

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