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EcoPower® Engine Wash system

EcoPower® Engine Wash

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The EcoPower® Engine Wash system is offered at a global network of on-airport locations with mobile support available nearly anywhere. We have received industry recognition for environmental innovation. The system is available as an equipment-only "Do It Yourself" model and is compatible with most commercial engine models.

Our patented advanced wash technology cleans the compressor and fan in one process with pure deionized/demineralized hot water. It does not contaminate the aircraft air system so there is no smell in passenger cabin. It's easy for your line maintenance team to implement, allowing for washes at the gate, hangar, or on the apron. With the tool-less set-up, patented atomized mist spray manifolds, and 60 to 90 minute timeframe per engine wash, it fits your schedule!

Results include a lower fuel burn (up to 1.8%). This helps your aircraft fleet maintain high-quality engine performance, extends on-wing time amd reduces maintenance costs. You will avoid incidents that can affect passengers and achieve outstanding bottom line savings.

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