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ST Engineering EcoPower Engine WashST Engineering EcoPower Engine Wash
ST Engineering North America

EcoPower Engine Wash

EcoServices is the provider of EcoPower®, the most effective on-wing aircraft engine washing system. 

By using heated, deionized and atomized pure water, EcoPower improves engine efficiency resulting in fuel-burn savings and reduced carbon emissions and maintenance costs.

EcoPower is an environmentally friendly, closed-loop engine wash system, so it is approved for on-airport use at airports around the world.

We have a worldwide network of service locations to serve the military, commercial and business aviation community. We’ll wash your engines for you, or you can use our equipment at your location to wash your own engines.

Patented Advanced Wash Technology

•Environmentally Friendly Close-Loop System

•Deionized water provides superior cleaning

•Water atomization penetrates engine completely

•Collect and filter wastewater for reuse

Enhance Engine Performance

•Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)

•Improves Thrust-Specific Fuel Consumption (TSFC)

•Longer time on wing

Unmatched Environmental Benefits

•Lower C02 Emissions

•Recycling wastewater reduces need for additional water


•Ability to wash right at the gate

•Can eliminate need for post wash engine run

•No waste for customers to dispose of

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