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Greene Tweed EPM 953
Greene Tweed

EPM 953--The Ultra-Low Temperature Hydraulic System Seal

Greene Tweed has created the new EPM 953 elastomer for phosphate ester hydraulic systems in aerospace applications. EPM 953 was developed to perform at ultra-low temperatures; it will maintain an excellent seal at temperatures as low as -85°F (-65°C) or below. It is also compatible with phosphate ester hydraulic fluids and outperforms existing EP elastomers with improved elasticity in static and dynamic seals in hydraulic actuation systems.

Extensive testing has confirmed that this new proprietary elastomer material offers high durability and little to no hydraulic fluid leakage over the lifetime of an aircraft, as EPM 953 meets and exceeds the draft form of SAE AMS 7361 specifications. Also, the new EPM 953 improves dynamic cap seal energization and increases the margin of safety and elasticity at low temperatures. With superior hydraulic fluid leak preventionm, EPM 953 reduces ecological impact by eliminating the release of phosphate ester hydraulic fluids into the environment.

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