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First Place Science Disinfectant
1st Place Science

First Place Science Disinfectant

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First Place Science's stabilized and buffered chlorine dioxide disinfectant kills the coronavirus and any mutation (as well as other bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew, and fungi) instantly without allowing the pathogen to adapt and mutate, but with an EPA Category 4 rating, it is mild enough you could wash your hands with it. It does not require professional certifications or personal protective equipment and will not damage your equipment, furniture, floor coverings, paint, or other surfaces.

First Place Science Disinfectant is available in one gallon and 32-ounce sizes. By using an electrostatic sprayer, you can cover 5,000 square feet in 20 minutes, or the product can be diluted for spot disinfectant cleaning. The 32-ounce size is perfect for use in personal work spaces and can reduce staff illnesses and cross-contamination from home to work, or personal protection for crew during layovers. American Airlines and El Al Airlines are among the aviation leaders using First Place Science Disinfectant to clean their aircraft cabins.

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