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FDA Aerospace Solutions Galley Cleaning
FDA Aerospace Solutions

Galley and Lavatory Deep Cleaning, Decorative Repair, and FDA Sealant Refurbishment

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In these difficult times, clean and sanitary aircraft are more important to the flying public than ever. With the recent implementation of electrostatic spray disinfection, your Aircraft’s surfaces may technically be sanitized and safe for customers, but do they actually look that way? 

FDA Aerospace Solutions specializes in breathing new life into any aging aircraft’s Food and Drug Administration regulated areas quickly and affordably. Our Deep Cleaning and Decorative Repair process, combined with a total FDA Seal Refurbishment, will have your fleet’s Galleys, Lavatories and even Passenger Door Entry Mats shining like new again. Stains and cosmetic damage will be removed and repaired, providing the appearance of cleanliness for your customers and vastly improved ease of cleaning for your gate turnaround teams.

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