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Froude High-Speed Hydraulic Dynamometers
Froude, Inc.

High-Speed Dynos for Aerospace/Gas Turbine Engines

The Froude High-Speed range of hydraulic dynamometers has been specifically designed for gas turbine testing, and are compact, robust and low maintenance. As standard, the dynamometers are fitted with two half-couplings allowing connection at either end which are oil-injected onto the shaft. The HS125, HS150 and HS2600 have a one-piece rotor shaft manufactured from a unique stainless steel forging.

Designed for turboshaft and turboprop engine applications, each feature interchangeable engine adaptor frames allowing several engine types to be tested on a single test stand/trolley. Well-proven standard products are available for the majority of turboshaft and turboprop engines.

Froude dynamometers are high performance machines and well known for their consistent high level control throughout the speed range. This is achieved through the innovative engineering behind our water outlet valve, rotor and stator design. We offer a system that is of high quality, easy to use, and competitively priced.

You will find Froude testing equipment throughout the world — the product of choice for gas turbine OEMs, MROs and test facility suppliers.


  • High speed, up to 30,000 RPM
  • Speed measurement accuracy ±1 RPM
  • Torque measurement accuracy ±0.25% of full rated torque of dynamometer
  • Servo load control
  • Rapid response
  • Stable operation
  • High reliability
  • Tandem Machines Available
  • Bi-directional Configurations available with the use of a turntable
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