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Safran Seats InterspaceSafran Seats Ringfence
Safran Seats

Improving Passenger Comfort and Protection

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Safran Seats is proud to offer a new portfolio of devices to fit the post-Covid-19 travel environment, including Interspace, Travel Safe by Safran Seats and Create with Safran Seats.

in partnership with transportation technology company Universal Movement, Safran Seats offers the Interspace equipment. This line is designed to improve comfort for passengers through the use of two padded wings folding out from the back of the seat. Easy to deploy, these padded wings give passengers the ability to rotate and lean on a cushioned surface, providing greater lateral support. Because the wings can be retrofitted, airlines can use the Interspace technology without replacing existing seats.

Safran Seats and Universal Movement are also preparing an equipment adaptation named Interspace Lite. This line allows airlines to reconfigure their economy cabins with ease, providing distance and privacy between passengers by blocking out either the central or aisle seats on a row.

Safran Seats has also developed Travel Safe, a set of patented solutions based on three objectives: social distancing without loss of density, touchless interactions, and virus free surfaces. To support social distancing, Travel Safe offers Ringfence, which is a simple removable partition that isolates neighboring passengers. Travel Safe touchless interaction equipment includes touchless door actuation or pedal actuation of a backrest recline. Finally, virus-free technology incorporates seat and tray table coatings that facilitate disinfection and cleaning.

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