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Induction Innovations Inductor ALFe® 3.5 Induction Heating System
Induction Innovations, Inc.

Inductor ALFe® 3.5 Induction Heating System

The heavy-duty ALFe® 3.5 (IC-3500), along with the ALFe® 5.0, is Induction Innovation’s newest induction heating system for repair shops. The ALFe 3.5 is ideal for those that require high-end heat levels to release seized parts and panel bond adhesives from steel or aluminum, including bolts, graphics, auto glass, and stress relieving frame rails, and in fabrication.

The ALFe® 3.5 features:

- 230V/16A/P1
- 9 Minute Duty Cycle
- Safety Shut-off
- LED Light Indicator
- 1 Year Warranty
- Heats Aluminum and Steel


- One ALFe® 3.5 induction heater
- One Flow Concentrator
- One Glass Blaster attachment
- One Fast-Off Pad

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