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Induction Innovations Inductor® Fast-Off® Attachment (U-211)
Induction Innovations, Inc.

Inductor® Fast-Off® Attachment (U-211)

The Fast-Off® Attachment (U-211) is an accessory for use with the Inductor® Pro-Max, Pro-Max CE and Max, and is ideal for removing body trim (foam backing stays intact), stripes, vapor barriers, graphics, sound pads, nameplates, emblems, and stress relieving sheet metal.

- Reduces labor and clean-up time by as much as 80%
- Minimizes the need for toxic solvents or expensive consumables
- Save, re-use and salvage parts usually discarded
- Flat/flexible induction coil that easily conforms to different contours on the vehicles body (sheet metal)
- Reversible Velcro strap doubles life expectancy of pad
- High temp / soft vermiculite coating helps protect automotive finishes from fiberglass abrasion

- Fast-Off attachment (1.8 lbs.)
- 6-foot HF cable with 8-pin connector
- Fiberglass pad with reversible hook & loop straps (8" W x 5.8" W x 0.8"H)
- 1-year warranty

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