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ACA Ionization Purification System
Aviation Clean Air

Ionization Purification System--Adapted for Ground Use

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Aviation Clean Air (ACA) and International Aero Engineering have teamed up to convert ACA's Ionization Purification System into a portable Ion Distribution Unit for Ground Use Only. The new portable unit uses the same proven technology as ACA’s patented airborne system, which has received FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for aircraft installation. This new Ion Distribution Unit meets the immediate need for decontaminating aircraft interiors while on the ground. Aircraft operators and service facilities now have an easier solution to thoroughly decontaminate aircraft interiors while protecting the health of maintenance personnel, crew, and passengers.

The Ion Distribution Unit pushes air and bipolar ions throughout the cabin and uses hydrogen and oxygen molecules already present to create positive and negative ions.These kill pathogens and purify the air, in a sped-up replication of nature's cleaning process.

The ground unit is portable and powered by electricity. After it is placed on the cabin floor and activated, the process only takes from one to two hours. Once the unit is powered off and removed, personnel can safely enter the aircraft and work through their usual functions. Besides disinfecting and purifying the aircraft, the ionization unit also can eliminate quarantine requirements currently in place at many OEM maintenance facilities.

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