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Skytrac DLS-100

Iridium Certus Midband Datalink and GPS for UAVs

SKYTRAC’s DLS-100 is an Iridium Certus midband transceiver enabling realtime command and control, telemetry streaming, and photo transfer from unmanned aviation systems.

The ruggedized and IP67 compliant modem enables 22 Kbps uplink and 88 Kbps downlink speeds. Designed for use with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), the cost-effective Iridium Certus modem allows for pole-to-pole connectivity around the globe with 99.9% reliability and stunningly low latency.

The modem is compatible with commercial and DoD SIM cards and also features remote management functionality through web or software API as needed.

Key capabilities include:

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Comms.
  • Real-time UAS Command and Control (C2)
  • UAS and Payload Health Monitoring
  • Real-time Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)
  • Global Network-Based Remote ID
  • Flight Data Acquisition
View this product at go.skytrac.ca