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Ecolab Klercide 70/30 IPA

Klercide™ 70/30 IPA

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Ecolab's Klercide™ 70/30 IPA Blended with Water for Injection (WFI) is 70% isopropyl alcohol blended with WFI with endotoxin level guaranteed to be less than 0.25EU/ml. The alcohol blend is 0.2 micron filtered and triple bagged in a Grade C / ISO 5 cleanroom before being terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation.

Klercide can be used daily for disinfection for large and small surfaces, including but not limited to product contact areas, glove disinfection, transfer disinfection and removal of residues. It works on bacteria, yeast, fungus, and viruses. The trigger spray format incorporates the patented SteriShield Delivery System (SDS), which ensures the sterility of the contents is preserved throughout use. Available in a range of formats including trigger sprays, capped containers, aerosols (except in North America), and impregnated pouch wipes. All formats are triple bagged. Klercide is compatible with an extensive range of cleanroom surfaces and the Klercide and Klerwipe range.

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