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IFE Products LED lampsIFE Products HLX64621 and 1978X Navigation Light LEDsIFE Products 387 Cockpit 3011 Cargo LED LampsIFE Products 9204 and 1308 PSU Reading Light LEDs
IFE Products: LED Upgrades and IFE Repair Services

The LED Upgrade

IFE Products, an LED lamp innovator, has certified additional exterior LED lamps for plug-and-play retrofit of unreliable filament lamps. IFE Products has been a leading supplier of PMA-approved PAR64, PAR46, and PAR36 LED lamps for landing light, taxi light, and logo light applications for most fleet types.

New PMA lamp approvals have recently been obtained to replace HLX64621 and 1978X filaments for wing and navigation light applications. The LED lamps can be installed in existing fixtures with no electrical or structural modifications. They offer improved performance and reliability with less power and heat.

Aircraft interiors can also be easily upgraded by replacing filament lamps with plug-and-play LEDs from IFE Products. Cooler-running LED 387 lamps can solve heat and reliability issues resulting from 387 filaments in cockpit indicator lights. 3011 LEDs offer improved light output and reliability with less heat in existing cargo light fixtures. Additionally, a cabin refresh can be easily accomplished by upgrading filament lamps in existing reading light PSUs.

The various LED lamps are designed and certified to replace existing filament lamps to meet specific aircraft type and application requirements. Exterior and interior LED lamps from IFE Products are PMA approved as direct replacements for most Boeing, Airbus, and regional fleet types.

The same lights utilized in commercial aircraft applications are also widely used and available for military and general aviation aircraft. An upgrade to LED can offer easy-to-install improvements with long-term benefits for almost any aircraft type.

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