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JBT LEKTRO 87 Series Towbarless Tow VehiclesJBT LEKTRO 86 Series Towbarless Tow Vehicles

LEKTRO 86 & 87 Series Towbarless Tow Vehicles

The LEKTRO 86 & 87 Series are the perfect fit for turboprops, single-engine aircraft, and up to long-range business jets. With our patented nose landing gear lift cradle, we gently capture and move aircraft into tight spaces. Eliminating the need for towbars and drastically increasing maneuverability, these dependable machines can do almost anything you ask of them.

Our LEKTRO line of all electric models can maneuver in hangars without the need to open doors and lose heat to vent fumes. They are also quiet to enable operators to hear each other when the aircraft is being positioned in the hangar.

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