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Mid-Mountain Materials HYTEX® 2200 CERAMIC FIBER FABRIC
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Lightweight Ceramic Fabric for Fire Barriers

HYTEX® 2200 CERAMIC FIBER FABRIC is a very effective high-temperature resistant textile capable of maintaining a continuous operating temperature of 2012°F • 1100°C. 

Manufactured from ceramic fiber yarn with no supportive carrier, HYTEX® 2200 CERAMIC FIBER FABRIC performs beyond the use limits of many other high-temperature textiles and maintains its strength and flexibility at the continuous use limit.

Fire barriers and seals constructed from this ceramic fiber fabric are lighter weight than metallic materials, and have successfully passed FAA 2000°F • 1095°C 15 minute flame penetration tests, making them excellent for use in aerospace applications. The low thermal conductivity, resistance to oxidation and high electrical resistivity makes this fabric highly efficient for high-temperature barriers and seals.

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