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Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor® II
Induction Innovations, Inc.

Mini-Ductor® II

The Mini-Ductor II flameless torch leverages the power of Invisible Heat® to heat ferrous metals in seconds. Using high frequency magnetic fields, the Mini-Ductor releases corroded or frozen hardware and other metallic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds – without the collateral damage and safety risks of torches.

Using one of the included coils that can flex around corners a flame cannot, the Mini-Ductor heats a 3/4" nut red hot in seconds.

It features an ergonomic cylinder design with no-slip grenade grip, an LED work light and push button activation. The Mini-Ductor II comes with a one-year warranty.

Applications Include:
- Releasing Seized Bolts
- Struts
- O2 Sensors
- Lug Nuts
- Calipers
- Exhaust Manifold Bolts
- 100's more!

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