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NOVIRUSAC® GEL - 3466 - Viricidal Toilet Sanitiser

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NOVIRUSAC GEL is a blue gel packed in water-soluble sachet, designed for effective cleaning, odour control and disinfection of toilet systems. NOVIRUSAC GEL produces a pleasantly perfumed viricidal/ bactericidal action when added to toilets systems.
NOVIRUSAC GEL is recommended for the treatment of re-circulating & vacuum toilet systems of aircrafts and trains.

• Viricidal against Hepatitis B, HIV (AIDS), Herpes Simplex, SARS
• Bactericidal against both gram positive and gram negative strains
• Effective odours controls
• Fresh pleasant fragrance
• Powerful cleaning action
• Reduces blockage and waste build up in pipes
• Aldehyde-free
• Biodegradable
• Totally operator safe
• Remains active in presence of heavy soil loading
• Will not promote soil to fix to components
• Sachet completely soluble
• Easy to handle and apply

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